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      Theres a lovely view from just outside the hut, Mr. Pinchook, he said. That gentleman took the hint, and retired, and Varley Howard seated himself on the box and leaned forward.

      "Then you should have a better opinion of her son. If ever I met a thoroughly good fellow in my life, I believe I met one the day I made Captain Hulbert's acquaintance."What is it you are driving at? asked Lord Trafford, impatiently.

      Esmeralda! exclaimed one of the listeners.


      When Esmeralda went down they were all assembled in the drawing-roomshe had waited until she had heard the second bell, waited with a strange nervousness which she had not felt on her first visit to Belfayreand her entrance made a sensation. The shaded light fell upon her ivory-clear face and red-gold hair, and upon the superb dress and flashing jewels, so that she looked like a picture of Rossettis.


      Didnt they have any looking-glasses where she came from, I wonder! she said to herself.