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      [130] Mmoire ou Journal sommaire du Voyage de Jacques Legardeur de Saint-Pierre.The earthen bank was sixty feet high. In the days of the place's glory an ingenious gardener had planted honeysuckle at the base to keep it from washing and now the tangled vines swept all the way up to their feet in a bottle green wave flecked with the foam of its pale blossoms. The scent of it was dangerously enervating to youth.

      "Maybe," said Pen. "I've never had the experience like you."

      From the moment when the Canadians found a chief whom they could trust, and the firm old hand of Frontenac grasped the reins of their destiny, a spirit of hardihood and energy grew up in all this rugged population; and they faced their stern fortunes with a stubborn daring and endurance that merit respect and admiration.

      What had brought the marquis to this pass? Famine, destitution, disease, and the Iroquois were making Canada their prey. The fur trade had been stopped for two years; and the people, bereft of their only means of subsistence, could contribute nothing to their own defence. Above Three Rivers, the whole population was imprisoned in stockade forts hastily built in every seigniory. [21] 168 Here they were safe, provided that they never ventured out; but their fields were left untilled, and the governor was already compelled to feed many of them at the expense of the king. The Iroquois roamed among the deserted settlements or prowled like lynxes about the forts, waylaying convoys and killing or capturing stragglers. Their war-parties were usually small; but their movements were so mysterious and their attacks so sudden, that they spread a universal panic through the upper half of the colony. They were the wasps which Denonville had failed to kill.[311] Dr. Perez Marsh to William Williams, 25 Sept. 1755.

      The Orator. "I pass in silence that reading of spiritual books which he practised as an indispensable duty more than forty years; that holy avidity with which he listened to the word of God,"The soldiers killed the hogs, burned the old corn, and hacked down the new with their swords. Next they advanced to an abandoned Seneca fort on a hill half a league distant, and burned it, with 155 all that it contained. Ten days were passed in the work of havoc. Three neighboring villages were levelled, and all their fields laid waste. The amount of corn destroyed was prodigious. Denonville reckons it at the absurdly exaggerated amount of twelve hundred thousand bushels.

      "Bless God, honey! Bless God!" repeated Aunt Maria. Nevertheless she bestirred herself.

      "Certainly," he said stiffly. "But I'm your father I suppose. I have a right to prevent you doing anything so foolhardy. Just to gratify a momentary impulse. I forbid you to think of such a thing! Never speak of it again!"[552] Procs de Bigot, Cadet, et autres, Requte du Procureur-Gnral, 19 Dec. 1761.


      "I can't stand it!" cried Don. "You don't know what I'm going through. Sitting here idle thinking about these things. I'd go out of my mind!"[16] Declaration of Sylvanus Davis; Mather, Magnalia, II. 603.


      Troubles of the New Governor ? His Character ? English Rivalry ? Intrigues of Dongan ? English Claims ? A Diplomatic Duel ? Overt Acts ? Anger of Denonville ? James II. checks Dongan ? Denonville emboldened ? Strife in the North ? Hudson's Bay ? Attempted Pacification ? Artifice of Denonville ? He prepares for War.