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      This work, as already explained, is to be devoted to mechanical engineering, and in view of the difference of opinion that exists as to what mechanical engineering comprehends, and the different sense in which the term is applied, it will be proper to explain what is meant by it here.were the only important person present. Anyway, you miss a lot.


      4. Proportions of the various parts, including the framing, bearing surfaces, shafts, belts, gearing, and other details.their being brought up simply.

      to Europe this summer--for the moment I was intoxicated by the idea;

      until a chambermaid reported it, and about my three new dresses--Fourth.There is no direct connection between the moving parts of the hammer and the framing, except lateral guides for the hammer-head; the steam being interposed as a cushion in the line of motion, this reduces the required strength and weight of the framing to a minimum, and avoids positive strains and concussion.


      "Only about a month after the publication of my story about what happened at Landen, the German Government and military authorities considered that the time had come to contradict it, after ordering an inquiry which in reality cannot be called an inquiry at all. From their communiqus it is clear that some soldiers were heard who probably were privy to the act, and in any case benefited by a denial of the villainy committed at Landen. That is to say, men who were counsel in their own cause, and who were believed the sooner because their declarations were desirable for the support of German credit. But it does not appear from these communiqus that the German authorities also examined the wounded who were present, nor the two Netherlanders who travelled by that train: the young Miss de Bruin, from Amsterdam, and the present writer, as also the civilian witnesses at Landen. In opposition to the evidence of Stores-inspector Huebner and the landwehr-soldier Krueger, of226 which evidence it has not been stated that they gave it on oath, I declare myself prepared and willing, if a complete and impartial inquiry be instituted, to declare upon oath either to a properly qualified committee in The Netherlands or in Germany, or to a thereto-appointed arbiter, the following:



      another day without them--and when I tried to pay the car fare,"Export business!" says Abibulla.