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      God gives me strength, she wrote to him, and He will support me; I have perfect confidence in Him. Adieu; the feeling for all I owe you will follow me to heaven; do not doubt it. Without you what would become of my children? Adieu, Alexis, Alfred, Euphmie. Let God be in your hearts all the days of your lives. Cling to Him without wavering; pray for your father: do all for his true happiness. Remember your mother, and that her only wish has been to keep you for eternity. I hope to find you again with God, and I give you all my last blessing.He looked at her, almost asking himself if such self-unconsciousness could really exist.

      He told everybody that Martin Disney's was an ideal householda home into which it was a privilege to be admitted.The Duchesse dAiguillon had obtained leave to have a thimble, needles, and scissors, with which she worked. Josphine read and worked; Trzia told stories and sang.

      "Well, she is, and she isn't. She is a finer boat than the Vendetta; but I'd sooner handle the Vendetta in a storm. There are points about his new boat that I don't quite like. However, he had her built by one of the finest builders on the Clyde, and it will be hard if she goes wrong. He has given me the Vendetta as a wedding-presentin advance of the eventon condition that I sink her when I'm tired of her; and he said he hoped she'd be luckier to me than she had been to him."The beating of his heart quickened almost unbearably, as the train drew near Par. Isola would meet him at the Junction, perhaps. He had not announced the actual hour of his arrival, for matters had been a little uncertain when he wrote yesterday, and he had not cared to telegraph this morning before he left Paddington. Yet she would know[Pg 75] that this was the only likely train for him to choose; and she would be at the Junction, he thought, smiling her glad welcome, a fair young face, rosy in the sunset; for it was evening as he drew near the end of his journey.

      I go out before breakfast, walking in the park! My dear child! It would kill me, I really believe.


      Mr. Crowther sent his reply by the colonel's messenger. He asserted his right to shut up the wood which formed a part of his estate, and positively refused to re-open the gate at either end of the footpath in question.


      "It seems like beginning a new life, Martin," she told her husband. "I feel ever so much better already. I'm afraid I'm an impostor, and that you are taking a great deal of unnecessary trouble on my account."