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      He did not smile at her candor as another man might have done.

      What we want, he said to the man who was sent after it, is the first-rate article. None of your blank wicker things, but a splendacious set-out that swings under a kind of tent, you know. And its got to have plenty of satin and lace about it, mind you; real satin and real lace. Never you mind the blank expense. The Orphan of Three Star is going to have the spankest cradle the earth can produce, or Three Star will know the reason why."You don't like the elder Miss Crowther?" speculated the colonel.

      I wish theyd do that in England, he said, with a sigh. Though, I suppose, it wouldnt be quite fair; for, if you borrow money, you must pay for it. Well, the duke is up to his neck in debt. Everything is mortgaged that can be; and though there are thousands of acres of land, and half a dozen big houses as well as Belfayre, theyre all mortgaged, and really belonging to some one else if they liked to swoop down upon them.

      "Why do you stop me?" she cried, looking at him fiercely with her distracted eyes. "What else is there for me? What other refuge? what other hope? Let me go! let me go! Cruel! cruel! cruel! Let me throw myself into the sea! Don't you understand? Oh, cruel! cruel! Cold and wicked, shameless and cruel! There is nothing elseonly that refuge left! Let me hide myself in death! let me hidehide!"

      I dont know whether you mind not having a groom, said Trafford, as she and Lady Wyndover came out; but mine has hurt his leg, and I hate having a strange man.

      Well, it is a little further, he said. Shall we turn back?


      [48]Perhaps hes the bank agent, said Esmeralda.


      Now, he said, staring ruefully at the saddle, the job will be to get up."It's a thing that never happened before, and it just shows what a respect he must have for the Disneys. You don't know how stand-offish he is with all the people about herehow he keeps himself to himself. Not a bit like his father and mother. They used to entertain all the neighbourhood, and they went everywhere, as affable as you like. He has taken care to show people that he doesn't want their company. They say he has led a very queer kind of life at home and abroad; never settling down anywhere, here to-day and gone to-morrow; roving about with his yacht. I don't believe any good ever comes of a young gentleman like that having a yacht. It would be ever so much better for him to live at the Mount and keep a pack of harriers."