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      She did not turn to greet him with a smile, but stood quite still, quite motionless.

      It all seems a great bother, and not to matter much, she said, at the close of the lesson. I hope I shant forget it all.

      The question jarred upon him.

      There was a touch of envy in Lady Wyndovers eyes as she watched her.



      Do you remember our bargain, Varley? she said. I promised that if ever I were in trouble that I would come back to you, and you promised to take me.


      Her lips formed the word, Yes!There was a gentle significance in the question which brought the color to Liliass face. Esmeralda said no more, and both girls stood in silence and watched the solitary figure pacing up and down between them; then Lilias kissed Esmeralda.


      Anybodys house afire? inquired another.But do not be afraid. That would bring scandal, would it not? and I will not do that. II care for themthe duke and Liliastoo much, and I will think of themthough they did not think of me.